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Writing Consultations are currently unavailable since classes are not in session.

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Writers need feedback, sounding boards, and other people to coach them while they compose. That's where the KU Writing Center comes in. It's a place for productive talk about writing, with trained peer consultants to help you brainstorm, draft, and revise your projects.


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Writing Center Testimonials

"Liked how I explained the assignment, and [the consultant] actually listened to me. Reading the assignment out loud rather than just to herself helped me to hear my own flaws as well. She gave me good advice for future papers of the same type."
"I feel 100% better about my paper, and I learned just what I need to change to strengthen my thesis and the flow of my paper. Very helpful, thank you!!"
"I am impressed with the amount of information that was provided in this session. [The consultant] was very helpful and considerate when helping me understand my writing. She was a benefit to me in getting to know more of what I needed and changing the structure to read properly." 
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Schedule an e-tutoring appointment! For more info or to schedule an appointment, click the link in our bio!

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